Sunson always concentrates on sourcing and developing advanced strains for enzyme productions. We assigned 20 PhD staff to work on improvements of gene expression in strains for manufacturing safe and efficient products.

We own high-level lab equipments for strain research and development. In recent years Sunson invests over 30% of its yearly profit in R&D, and continuously brings state-of-the-art enzymes to consumers.

Sunson is also widely working together with institutes and laboratories for establishment and maintenance of gene banks. Partial R&D projects are state sponsored and supported. The institutes in partnership with Sunson are Animal Nutrition at China Agriculture Science Academy, the Industrial Microbe State Key Laboratory at Fujian Normal University, and Luhua Biotechnology R&D Centre at East China University of Science and Technology.

Technical Background and Collaboration Project
1. Strategy of Research and Innovation

Ever since its establishment, Sunson has given the top priority to research and innovation so as to ensure its long-term operational viability and sustainable growth. Sunson people always believe that the more technologically-advanced the products, the better our customers are served.
In 1997 Sunson produced its first batch of cellulase. Since then, with the goals for diversification, Sunson has diligently and successfully expanded its product lines into eight series, from enzymes applied in brewery, fruit juice, textiles, feedstuff, leather softening, to enzymes used in bakery and tobacco processing, etc,. Sunson enzymes are categorized as protease, amylase, glucoamylase, phytase, cellulase, semi-cellulase, pectinase, beta-glucanase, etc. Among them, Sunson enzymes for brewery, fruit juice and textiles, after a long-period of research and upgrading, is now ranked as the top brand in China.
Sunson has also been actively engaged in technological collaboration with famous research institutes and universities both domestic and abroad, such as Chinese Academy of Science and the Southern Yangtze University. In 1999, Sunson research centre was co-established with Chinese Academy of Science to develop new products and advanced technologies. Sunson's competitive technical ability has been further reinforced with the participation of a troop of research talents in the relative fields of microbiology, enzyme engineering, animal nutrition, and so on.
Sunson’s eternal purpose is to improve technology constantly, to make the best enzyme in the world, and to get the most satisfaction from customers.

2. Sunson Research and Development Centre
(1) Sunson Enzyme R&D Center
Profile: Sunson Enzyme R&D Center is located in Zhong Guancun, Beijing's scientific and technological center, known as China's Silicon Valley. Equipped with a team of professional researchers and a whole set of advanced experimental apparatus, Sunson Enzyme R&D Center functions as the incubator of all Sunson enzymes. Our talented researchers are doing excellent jobs in the cultivation of microbes, small-scale application trial, development of new enzymes, and the quality control of products. Now, on their agenda are the research and upgrading of enzymes for food and leather industry.
Location: Beijing, China
(2) Sunson Enzyme Laboratory in Yinchuan
Profile: Sunson Enzyme Laboratory was established in 1997 as soon as this company was founded. With its location in the main premises of Sunson Industry Group Co., Ltd, Sunson Enzyme Laboratory is doing more work in the supervising of production materials and the quality control of enzyme products. The technical staff are all experienced experts with a long time serving in enzyme industry. They have always been at the forefront of innovation, carrying out successful customer-driven research, contribution to the sustainable development of Sunson Industry Group Co., Ltd in the past, at present, and in the future.
Location: Yinchuan, China
(3) Sunson Enzyme Research Institute under construction
Profile: Sunson Enzyme Research Institute is scheduled to begin operation in June, 2008, with its location in Shanghai, the trading center of China. It is engaged mainly in the research and innovation of enzymes for feedstuff. We welcome experts in the field of enzyme engineering, animal nutrition, and microbiology to join us, to work with us in this first-rate laboratory armed with the most advanced experimental instruments, in this stimulating atmosphere to play both your expertise and our great potential to the full.
Location: Shanghai, China

3. Technical Certificates



4. Collaboration Project and Job Opportunity
The quick flow of information is a sign of today's modern world. A failure to follow the globalization trend means a loss of numerous opportunities. Not only are Sunson people aware of this trend, but also have achieved success through communicating and collaborating with other companies in developing new products. Sunson Company is seeking cooperation with companies, institutes, or academies in development and application of enzymes including strain's cultivation, fermentation, enzyme testing, technical consultancy and exchange of information of enzymes and the related industries, aiming to increase the variety of enzymatic products, enhance the level of fermentation, enlarge the scope of enzymes application, improve the living environment and create a harmonious nature and society.
We have a strong research team, but our goal is to make the strong team even stronger. We invite your participation in our team! When your expertise and talents meet our excellent working conditions and both friendly and brilliant people, it is your potential that will be fully exploited and your dream of working lightly as well as ambitiously that will be realized. You can be a student majoring in enzymes; you can be a researcher focusing on enzyme; or you can be an employee once worked for an enzyme company, or you can be in any country in the world. We invite you to be our part-time market researcher, bringing us the most detailed and latest information of enzyme technology in your local country. No tough job but good returns.
The recent research projects to be launched by us include:
a.Enzymes applied in wastewater treatment
b.Tobacco enzyme
c.Lappaconite Hydrobromide (from Aconitum Sinomontanum)
Actually, our projects of cooperation cover far more than the above three items, if you have interests, please contact us by email:

5. Sunson Technical Publications
It is a monthly booklet bringing you the latest enzyme technology in the world. Its content ranges from the newest research results to the actual application in enzyme industries. Want to have a scan view of enzyme industry? Don't know how today's enzyme companies are bringing benefits to our world? We welcome you to send email and ask for our booklet Zymtech Update. It is free of charge.

6.Sunson Technical Team
Sunson company has a very professional and enthusiastic team that can provide the most suitable solution just according to the customers' needs.

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