Summary of the European food ingredients exhibition


European food ingredients exhibitionFi Euro was held at Parc des in Paris, France from December 3 to 5, 2019. FIE is the highest level of food and health ingredients industry of international event. This exhibition is an excellent communication platform for more than 23,600 , production and procurement and 1,300 exhibitors from 127 countries around the world. As an excellent producer and seller of enzyme preparation in China, SUNSON international division was led by Mr. Du yunping, general manager, attended the industry event on behalf of the group corporation. It has fully demonstrated our competitive advantage from R&D and production to sales and service of baking enzymes, which has consolidated the foundation for further development of the European baking market.

Through the accumulation of exhibitions in recent years and the preliminary development work, our company has accumulated a large number of high-quality European customers. This exhibition provides us with a good place, so that we can effectively receive and visit customers to show SUNSON’s strength. At the same time, we can also take the initiative to meet potential customers in the industry field who have potential cooperation with us, and we can also meet existing customers, promote better communication between both sides and further expand the scope of cooperation.

Based on the communication with customers in this exhibition, we have a better understanding of the new trend of European food industry market and regulations, which also provides certain information basis for us to develop the European market. The following work is more important, I believe that on the basis of SUNSON’s  main bakery products with advantages, combined with the continuous efforts and exploration in the later stage, our products will continue to have gratifying market share and high visibility in the European.

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